• Are you ready to let go of all the things that have been stopping you from moving forward, so you can honour your true essence and embrace the person you were meant to be?


    I’m a Self Esteem and Body Image Coach. I specialise in promoting positive self image and positive mindset by helping you create balance.


    I look at key areas of life including diet and mindful eating, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, daily habits, personal values, financial health, inner happiness and more.


    My workshops are focused on creating transformation through personal growth that are designed to help you let go of these limitations and negatives beliefs that have stopped you from becoming your best self.


    I believe in living a life full of love and passion!

  • Workshops

    Love all of your life, aim for an equal balance in all areas.

    The Power of Words is a practical workshop explaining how we manifest our everyday reality by what we believe, say and do.   You will look at your thoughts, words and actions to see how you have arrived at today.   You will learn:how to have more of what you do want and less of what you don’t...
    Money is merely energy and an exchange for goods. Is your attitude to money positive or negative? When you learn to harness the energy of money and it becomes your friend, you can draw what you need to you. The workshop will teach you:To understand your own unique money values and how they affect...
    Love the Life You Live course is about assessing your beliefs, values and rules to see whether they are in tune with you or not. Quite simply, the question to ask is: Are you happy or unhappy with where you are at right now? This workshop explores many topics such as money, work and relationships...
    Is about discovering what really makes you click! When I ask clients what they want to achieve, I hear the same phrase over and over: ‘I just want to be happy! You need to know what makes you happy or unhappy in your life, if you want things to be different. My favourite saying is: If you keep...
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