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    The Supportive qualities of Essential Oils

    I use essential oils to support my workshops, as a nurturing tool to encourage participants and help them quickly get to the root of issues 

  • Happy being Me

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    The Oil of Cheer and Creativity

    Tangerine can really lift the darkest of moods and help you if you feel overwhelmed with responsibility and burden. It is uplifting oil that teaches you to enjoy life by being more creative and re experiencing the joy and cheerfulness you knew as a child.

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    Ylang Ylang

    The Oil of the Inner Child

  • Power of Words

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    The Oil of Confident Spech

    Spearmint is helpful if you struggle with communicating your true feelings. A fresh smelling oil inspiring clarity of thought and confident expression. It helps you to stand up for what you believe in.

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    The Oil of Communication

    Lavender is such a nurturing oil that helps to release the tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing yourself and can address feelings of being unlovable. Lavender encourages you to share your True Inner Self with others so you can experience unconditional love and acceptance.

  • Love the Life you Live

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    Clary Sage

    The Oil of Clarity and Vision

    Clary sage dispels darkness and illusions helping you to see any limiting beliefs that have stopped you from moving forward and thus opens the soul to new experiences. It also opens creative channels and clears blocks, so you can visualise new possibilities with love and hope.

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    The Oil of Love and Trust

    Geranium, often referred to as the “Emotional Healer’ heals the heart. It instils unconditional love and fosters trust, particularly where there has been a loss of trust due to difficult circumstances. It encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness and helps you deal with suppressed grief or pain. At its root, Geranium is a gentle oil that assists in re opening the heart so that love can flow freely once again.


  • Love your Money

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    Wild Orange

    The Oil of Abundance

    Wild orange reconnects you to your inner child and teaches true abundance by encouraging you to let go of a scarcity mindset that keeps you rigidly bound by fear of lack and reminds your soul of the limitless supply found in nature. Sharing , playing, relaxing and enjoying the bounties of life are the gifts bestowed by wild orange essential oil.

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    The Oil of Gratitude

    I love this oil! It encourages true appreciation for life. It is particularly useful if you have been stuck in a victim cycle and see yourself as a target of bad luck, as it helps you to let go of resistance, anger and blame. Instead, it teaches gratitude, which is an expression of complete acceptance and abundance.

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