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The Power of Words

The Power of Words is a practical workshop explaining how we manifest our everyday reality by what we believe, say and do.


You will look at your thoughts, words and actions to see how you have arrived at today.


You will learn:

  • how to have more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want.
  • how to use your thoughts to create the life you want.

You will also get to examine your beliefs and see whether they are helping you create the life you want or hindering you?

You will leave the workshop knowing how to change your thoughts, feelings and actions to match your desires.


This is a candid and laid back 3 hour workshop full of revelations.

As I keep saying, anyone can truly achieve what they want, if they want it bad enough. This is a message I want to imprint on your brain. I always knew there was 'more' and I was going to have it. My lack of belief in myself was what had been holding me back for years.

In my journey, I soon learnt that for me, ‘more’ was about me ‘accepting’ myself just as I was, rather than worrying about what other people thought or said about me. It didn’t take me long to realise I was my own worst enemy. When I started to monitor my ‘self talk’, I was taken aback by how negative I was and how I was actually sabotaging myself. The good news is that your life to date is what you have created with your words thoughts and actions, so it stands to reason that you can change it. This was empowering because it meant I could turn things around for the better. Armed with this information, I started to examine my beliefs in order to understand why I was being so negative.

It was clear that I was repeating patterns from my childhood and keeping myself in the ‘victim cycle’ by buying into my past. I worked with my coach, and she helped me to find clarity. The most valuable thing I learnt was to believe in myself. This ultimately gave me the confidence to create the life I wanted.

Finding the ‘root’ of what holds you back in your endeavours is fundamental in beginning a process of ‘unwiring’ the brain, so you can move forward. Understanding how the unconscious mind underpins all your conscious thoughts has become the basis of my work.

Looking at the power of what you think and speak and how it impacts on your life is monumental.

The Power of Words Workshop is aimed at helping you understand your limiting beliefs.