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Love your Money

Money is merely energy and an exchange for goods. Is your attitude to money positive or negative?

When you learn to harness the energy of money and it becomes your friend, you can draw what you need to you.

The workshop will teach you:

  • To understand your own unique money values and how they affect all of your choices
  • How to attract money
  • How to stop fighting about money (if you are in a relationship)
  • Why depriving yourself never works
  • How to develop a prosperous and positive attitude towards money

It’s fun and it works! It will change your life if you implement the strategies!


Join us for 3 hours and explore how you really view money.

After my marriage broke up and I found myself parenting my son solo, I soon realised that I could achieve, do and be whatever I deeply desired because I was doing it! Deep down I always believed I was worthy and that I deserved happiness, so it wasn’t that difficult to start to manifest my ideal financial life.About worthiness and deserving.....Did I say it took me years of various therapies for me to finally be able to say: ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I deserve”? Well, it took lots, but I’m glad I stuck to it.

My life as a Sole Parent, as opposed to ‘single mother’ (the connotations are too many), took me down a road where all the knowledge and skill I had acquired along the way, helped me dig my way out of the financial mess in front of me.

The priority for me was to get my money back on track, which was easy. My background in finance, one of my many ‘in between’ teaching jobs, gave me the power and knowledge to set up my mortgage and bank accounts in a way that would reduce my interest and pay the loan out faster, and it did.

Although I wasn’t earning a substantial amount at that time, I always remember my money guru, Paul Clitheroe, saying that it wasn’t what you earn that matters, but what you spend! I implemented some debt reducing suggestions, I already had the budget in place, so that was one step in the right direction, and soon enough the rest of my financial plan was in place.

This meant I knew what I owed and when it was due, how much I spent and what I needed to earn to cover it all. This also included having left over money to save or spend. In my eyes, this gave me ‘Power’. Knowing where my money was going and how it was working for me also gave me choices, and that meant freedom to me.

It took me 10 years to minimise a $250,000 debt, but I did it solo whilst raising my son. See it was surmountable! If I had listened to the banks, I would still have 20 years worth of payments owing on my mortgage. I was on track, 10 years is what I had allocated to reducing that debt to a manageable size and now this freed me up to pursue other goals and fulfil other aspirations, such as passing the sum of all my worldly knowledge on to others. Life Coaching is one of my greatest loves and passions, and I am so thrilled to finally be doing it with love, integrity and universal support.

The money also follows when you are pursuing your passion. I don’t even try and abundance constantly surrounds me, in this way, I am blessed.

My ‘Love Your Money’ workshop shows you how to draw ‘wealth’ to yourself along with the practical steps to achieve it.

When I work one on one, I help you to understand your money style/values and work on budgets so you can plan towards achieving your financial goals.